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World’s Best
Opera Houses

Hall & Location Date Acoustical Designer Seats HxWxL/D - Meters
HxWxL/D - Feet
Teatro alla Scalla
Milan, Italy
1778 A. Giuseppe Piermarini 2,289  63ft H x 66 ft W x 99ft L x 105ft D
19.2H x 20.1W x 30.2L x 32D
Bayreuth Festspielhaus
 Bayreuth, Germany
1876 Richard Wagner 1,800 42ftH x 109ftW x 106ftL x 111ftD
12.8H x 33.2W x 32.3L x 33.8D
The Bolshoi Moscow, Russia 1856 Joseph Bové 2,153/1,740 64H x 101’ W x 97’ L x ? 19.6H x 31.oW x 29.8L x  ?  
Copenhagen Opera House
Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 Rob Harris, ARUP 1,703 42H x 73W x 92L x 104D  /
18.5H x 22.3W x 28.3L x 31.8D

$500 million

Esplanade Singapore 2002 ARTEC 2,000 55H x 95W x 101L x 127D
17H x 29W x 31L x 39D
Four Seasons Centre
Toronto, Ont. Canada
2006 Sound Space Design
Robert Essert
2,071 93’W x   ? W x  ? D 105’L
28.5W x  ? H x  ? D x 32.0L
Guangzhou Opera House China 2011 Marshal Day 1,800 60’H x 110’ W x 115’ D x 109’ L
18.4H x 33.7W x 35.3D x 33.4L
Metropolitan Opera
New York, New York
1966 Cyril Harris 3,816 82H x 110W x 130L x 184D
25H x 33.5W x 39.6L x 56.1D
Opera Royal (Versailles Court Theater)
Versailles, France
1769 Ange-Jacques Gabriel 1,500/1,200 50H x 85W x 76D x 78L
15.4H x 25.8W x 23.1D x 23.7L
Oslo Opera House
Oslo, Norway
2008 Rob Harris, ARUP 1,364 52H x 79W x 90L x 106D
16.1H x 24.3W x 27.5L x 32.5D
Palais Garnier
(Paris Opera House)
Paris, France
1875 Charles Garnier 1,979 68H x 62W x 91L x 106D
20.7H x 18.9W x 27.7L x 32.3D
Royal Opera House
Covent Garden London, England
1858/1999 Edward Berry ARUP 2,157 61H x 63W x 100L x 141D
18.6H x 19.2W x 30.5L x 43D
Semperoper Dresden, Germany 1841/1985 Gottfried & Manfred Semper   54H x 67W x 62D x 72L
16.6H x 20.5W x 19D x 22L
Teatro Colon Buenos Aires, Argentina 1908 Francesco Tamburini 2,487 87H x 80W x 113L x 141D
26.5H x 24.4W x 34.4L x 43D
Teatro di San Carlo
Naples, Italy
1737 Angelo Carsale 1,386 81H x 95W x 85D x 112L
24.6H x 28.9W x 25.8D x 43.1L
Wiener Staatsoper
Vienna State Opera
Vienna, Austria
1869/1955 G. Schwaiger 1,709 62H x 60W x 98L x 111D
18.9H x 18.3W x 29.9L x 33.8D
War Memorial Opera House
San Francisco, California
1932 G. Albert Lansburgh 3,252 73H x 104W x 120L x 122D
22.2H x 31.7W x 36.6L x 37.2D
Winspear Opera House
Dallas, Texas
2009 Sound Space Design 2,200 62H x 95W x 101L x 134D
19H x 29W x 31L x 39D
Amazon Theatre
Manaus, Brazil
1884 Celestial Sacardim 701    
Civic Opera House
Chicago, Illinois
1929 Graham, Anderson, Probst and White 3,563    
Cuvilliés Theater Munich, Germany  1753/1857 François de Cuvilliés 509   renovation / 1944 fire / 1958 rebuilt
Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia
1973 BL & NV Jordan 2,679    
Teatro SS. Giovanni e Paolo
Venice, Italy
1638 Carlo Fontana 900   destroyed by fire in 1715
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